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How You Can Help Us Create Your Cabinets

We will be asking you to make many decisions pertaining to the design of your project. These decisions must be made in a timely manner so that your project may proceed on schedule and on budget. You will also be asked to provide appliance and audio equipment sizes. Often very little of the manufacturing can proceed without this vital information being answered, and in some cases only a budgetary estimate can be made.

When it comes time for delivery and installation of your cabinets we ask that the area that we must work in be cleared to reduce the risk of damage to existing property and provide a work space for the installers. Woodworking by nature is dusty. Because of this you may wish to remove some of the more dust sensitive items from the vicinity.

Our goal is to produce a product that fits your requirements in terms of design, quality and budget, and install it in your home with the minimum of disruption.

Like most of our clients you may have approached Karhu Woodworking on the basis of a referral. This referral may have come from a friend or colleague, or one of our business partners. Our goal is to make you proud enough of your project to consider referring our services to someone else. Few things are more satisfying for us than repeat customers and referrals by satisfied customers.

You dream it, we’ll design & build it.