How it All Comes Together

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    Dark Stained Cherry Built-in Waterproofing the roof building all sheeted, working on the roof high gloss white lacquer high gloss white lacquer Cloud White Kitchen Cloud White Kitchen Off White Kitchen with Glaze island Off White Kitchen with Glaze Dark Stained Cherry Built-in cabinet Dark Stained Cherry TV Cabinet Dark Stained Cherry Built-in Cloud White Kitchen bottom cabinets Cloud White Kitchen Cloud White Kitchen top cabinets Off White Kitchen with Glaze island

  1. Your cabinetry needs are assessed and options are discussed.
  2. Measurements are obtained either from architectural drawings or from your home.
  3. A preliminary plan is created from the previous discussions. (Changes may be made to these drawings according to your directions.)
  4. A quote is made with all the changes in mind.
  5. Any further changes are made and quoted.
  6. When the quote is accepted a 40% 1st draw invoice is issued and collected.
  7. Site measurements are taken.
  8. Final plans are drawn up and signed off. (If colour samples are required, they are made, checked and signed off.)
  9. A preliminary installation date is agreed upon.
  10. At this point manufacturing begins. Once we begin the building process, changes become difficult, more expensive and often delay the completion date.
  11. During this time your home will be checked a number of times depending on the amount of changes occurring. This allows us to ensure that the space is being prepared as expected.
  12. As the preliminary installation date approaches an accurate date can be set. An invoice for the 2nd draw (50% of quote) will be issued with the understanding that it is due when installation starts.
  13. Installation begins and the 2nd draw invoice is collected.
  14. After installation is complete a walk through inspection is scheduled with your sales representative. A final invoice is issued. This invoice will have the final 10% from the quote with any change order adjustments included. This invoice is not due until the deficiencies are corrected.
  15. Any deficiencies are corrected quickly.
  16. Final draw is collected.